WhatsApp Web Sender

WA Web Sender tool to market to customers on WhatsApp.

Install Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension Features

See our extension features below.

Open on WhatsApp Web

Our Chrome Extension works directly on top of WhatsApp Web. Click on the extension icon to on the top right on Chrome Browser to open our extension.

See video here.

Upload Excel(CSV) Sheet

Upload your contact list from a CSV file and send WhatsApp to everyone in the list.

See screenshot to the right.

Send bulk message to Number List

Do you have a list of phone numbers and want to send the same WhatsApp to everyone?

Check out our 'Number List' sender tool.

Quick text

Are there common phrases that you tend to commonly use in WhatsApp? Use our text snippet feature to add those text in an easily accessible format.
You can customize the text snippet section as you choose.

Send messages without adding user to contact

Want to send a WhatsApp message to a phone number that is not in your contact list?
Use our 'Single Message' option to send messages instantly.


“Really simple to use, love it."
“Helps us engage with customers. Very valuable for us.”
Simple and easy to use!
Jairus B.
Extension Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You can install the extension by clicking on the 'Install Chrome Extension' button above. After installing, you should see a button on the top left of WhatsApp web which lets you send the messages.

This is a social and communication tool.

How to use WhatsApp automations and marketing to connect with customers?

Some of the ways you can engage better is:

  • Can send messages without adding the phone number to your contact.
  • You can provide a list of phone numbers and can send the message to everyone at one go.
  • You can upload a CSV and send in bulk to everyone on the list.
  • Your common messages can be saved and accessed with a click.